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Le Relais montmartre
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Le Relais Madeleine
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Jean-Paul Hévin, Master Chocolatier

It would be a shame if you leave the Saint-Honoré neighborhood and miss to visit the Jean-Paul Hévin Pastry shop, a 3 minute walk to the Relais Saint-Honoré.

Jean-Paul Hévin is considered one of the best chocolatiers in Paris with over 25 years of experience. He used to be the Pastry Chef at Joël Robuchon, since 1976. He quickly grew passionate about chocolate. In 1986, he was awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (the Best Workman of France).

What do we find in Jean-Paul Hévin?

There are 3 types of products in its stores:
  • Cakes mainly made from chocolate
  • chocolates
  • macarons

The shop in Saint-Honoré street

There are 5 Jean-Paul Hévin stores in Paris, 20 in the world, including 11 in Japan, which the pastry chef knows well for having stayed there and where his chocolates are very appreciated.


We went to the shop Jean-Paul Hévin, at No. 231 rue Saint Honoré. Nice welcome, competent team and very helpful. We have selected 5 chocolate cakes:

  • The chocolate tart: Sanded almond and dark chocolate pastry, bitter chocolate ganache, dark chocolate ganache-mirror.
  • Tonka: Streusel praline and feuilletine, almond biscuit and tonka beans, Venezuelan dark chocolate mousse, creamy tonka beans, dark chocolate mousse.
  • Goa: Almond biscuit, yuzu juice, Darjeeling tea mousse on a bitter dark chocolate biscuit, Brazilian Grand Cru dark chocolate mousse. Nougatine with pecan nut.
  • The Turin: Shortbread with almonds, black currants, an almond cream, brown mousse, dark chocolate icing.
  • Passion: Laminated praliné, dark chocolate ganache flavored with rum, cocoa biscuit with almonds, dark chocolate mousse with passion fruit juice.

We enjoyed the texture and flavor. We were 4 to perform the test. Here is our ranking:
  • 1st : Tonka. The pralines are beautiful. It's a real firework in the mouth. The texture is also complex with a mixture of crunchy, mellow and fudge. It's really beautiful!
  • 2nd : The Tart. It's a classic. The shortbread is impeccable. The powerful cocoa and very long in the mouth.
Then come in order, the Goa, the Passion and Turin. We really enjoyed it when we were not especially fond of chocolate cakes. Finally, prices from 4.90 € to 6 € 20 are reasonable for pastries of such quality.


After testing four famous brands of macaroons, we immediately eliminated two: Shell crunchy, sloppy and too sweet for one of the two brands. Products lacking freshness or even industrial for one of them.
Remained the Noaki macaroons and Jean-Paul Hévin. Naoki macaroons will appeal to Asian people who will appreciate their discreet flavor.

The macaroon Jean-Paul Hévin really stands out for the crispness of its shell and the holding of its filling. The flavors are classic but perfectly mastered. His praline is to die for. We feel the crystals cracking under the tooth. The chocolate is powerful and long in the mouth. The sesame macaron is also beautiful. Creme brulee and grapefruit are also famous.
Price per piece: 1€60



  • Chocolate powder (70% to 100% cocoa) 100% cocoa Van Houten is very good Avoid most industrial brands for children that sometimes contain less than 20% cocoa. You can also use chocolate pastry tablet.
  • Whole fresh milk. Do not use semi-skimmed or sterilized.
  • Ginger juice

Mix the chocolate with a whisk, over a high heat. Stop heating to prevent boiling. Resume heating until the powder is completely dissolved in the milk. Keep in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Make another chocolate using the same technique. Well oxygenate the hot chocolate with whisk. This will lighten and accentuate the taste. You can also use a mixer.

Take out cooled chocolate from the refrigerator and add a spoon of ginger juice. Mix it.

Add cold chocolate to hot chocolate. Decorate the surface with a little cocoa powder.

The recipe does not mention it, but if we use 100% cocoa, we can add sugar according to taste and hot chocolate before whipping.

 Jean-Paul Hévin
231, rue Saint-Honoré – 75001 Paris
Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
Website : https://www.jeanpaulhevin.com

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