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A little jewel of Paris

Why does this place full of history arouse the interest of children and adults, couples and families?
The Palais Royal is one of the most charming and varied places in Paris, offering a recreational variety: two theaters, a work of art, a French garden, arcades and stores, great restaurants, and above all, a place full of history. The Palais Royal is therefore worth a visit, as it appeals to young and old, couples and families.

The history of the Palais Royal

The Palais Royal under Louis XIV - The Molière theater is located on the right of the main entrance. You can see in the background that the arcades have not yet been built.
The construction of the Palais Royal dates back to 1628. It was ordered by Cardinal Richelieu who named his palace "Palais Cardinal". The palace was then bequeathed to King Louis XIV in 1636, then to his cousin, Louis-Philippe d'Orléans. The latter transformed it and created the current Comédie Française to replace the theater of Lully and Molière which had burned down. Louis Philippe d'Orléans also created the arcades which housed many merchants.

Salle Richelieu, Comédie Française. The Comédie Française is an institution with a repertoire of 3500 plays, some of which are subtitled in English.
Shortly before July 14, 1789, the Palais Royal was the meeting place for many revolutionaries. The man of letters and deputy Camille Desmoulins made a fiery speech there on July 12, 1789, which is considered one of the triggers for the storming of the Bastille two days later.

Camille Desmoulins at the Palais Royal on July 12, 1789
Under the terror Louis-Philippe d'Orléans, having renamed himself Philippe Égalité, is a deputy and votes for the death of his cousin King Louis XVI. It is striking to realize that the death sentence of Louis XVI was adopted with 361 votes, the exact number of the absolute majority. If Philippe Égalité had not voted for the death of his cousin, what would have happened? Ten months after the execution of Louis XVI, Philippe Égalité was in turn condemned to death by a revolutionary court and guillotined the same day.

What to do and see at the Royal Palace?

The entrance to the Royal Palace is free.

Although they were seriously obstructed by the Chirac government, the Buren columns do not seem to leave the public unmoved today.

The garden offers beautiful walkways and plenty of seating that will be welcome after a walk or jog.

The walker can take advantage of numerous recreational areas

You will find several establishments offering pleasant terraces.

Several restaurants are present, including the Palais Royal restaurant and the Grand Véfour, which are among the most prestigious restaurants in Paris.

The galleries designed by Louis-Philippe d'Orléans house selective and sometimes atypical shops.

The Bacqueville store manufactures and distributes signs of distinction and medals for town halls and ministries in France and abroad since 1790.

"Les Drapeaux de France" is a store that offers old fashioned figurines.

Mr. Roussel, the owner, estimates his stock at over 100,000 pieces. Such a stock would make this store one of the most important in the world in its category.

There are also several designers and art galleries.

By leaving the Palais Royal by the north, we reach the rue de Beaujolais then the rue de Montpensier. A very picturesque district!

The Theatre du Palais Royal, rue de Montpensier, is part of the real estate program of Louis Philippe d'Orléans. This theater was initially intended to present puppet shows.

Palais Royal
Free admission
  • October 1 - March 31: 7:30am - 8:30pm
  • April 1 - May 31: 7am - 10pm
  • June 1 - August 31: 7am - 11pm
  • September 1 - September 30: 7:00am - 9:30pm
Photo credit: Coach Hotels except (The Palais Royal under Louis XIV, Camille Desmoulins at the Palais Royal, Salle Richelieu Comédie Française, copyright free)

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