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Café Verlet, rue Saint Honoré

You can try excellent coffees and teas, have lunch, and buy exceptional tea or coffee. This legendary address is located 200 meters away from the Relais Saint-Honoré. Here is a description of the experience you can have at Café Verlet.
This institution was created in 1880. In 1921, Verlet was the first coffee house in Paris to roast and serve coffee based on their origin. Today, the Verlet House remains a pioneer in France in terms of pure origin coffees. It is also the oldest Parisian coffee house to roast coffee in a traditional way.
The roastery of this beautiful establishment is located in the beautiful rue de Montpensier, behind the garden of the Palais Royal.

At tea time or lunch time?

The first floor room is chic and elegantly decorated. The menu offers a selection of teas and coffees as well as sweet and savory dishes (see the menu).

We ordered a caramel éclair from the Maison Stohrer, accompanied by "Chaï Verlet" tea, which is a black tea flavored with cardamom, clove and cinnamon. We are transported by these flavors that seem exotic. The blen is exquisite with the fresh cabbage and the very powerful caramel. The caramel pieces explode in your mouth. It is delicious.

You can be guided by the timer with three hourglasses: a light, strong or flavoured tea?

The upstairs room has an atmosphere that has been shaped by history.

A selection of 30 coffees and 60 high quality teas

Maison Verlet invests a lot of time and effort upstream because it is also an audacious importer with a good knowledge of rare terroirs, small unknown plots and original flavors. Maison Verlet has maintained a culture and knowledge of many planters while defending an ethical approach to production.
As a tea lover, we just bought two teas to give an example of what can be found at Verlet. They were chosen for their originality. It is indeed unusual to taste a Thai or Vietnamese tea. This choice is in line with the Verlet selection. We find teas from the best gardens, from small plantations, new and tasty tastes from exceptional producers.

Lao Cai Shan Tea: This tea is made from large-leaf tea plants, called Shan tea plants, growing in the northern regions of Vietnam. It will please green tea lovers, with cooked, slightly toasted and robust vegetal notes.
Royal Black Thai Tea : This is a tea that is hand-picked in Doi Angkhan, northern Thailand. It has long, twisted leaves with coppery highlights and woody and fruity notes.

Café Verlet
256 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

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