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The Galerie Vivienne and the Lucien Legrand cellar table

Our best addresses revealed.
The Galerie Vivienne, inaugurated in Paris in 1826, is the most chic covered passageway in Paris. It was designed by architect François-Jean Delannoy in a neoclassical style.
The gallery was bought by Félix Potin in 1828. Félix Potin was a Lyonnais businessman, famous for his chain of grocery stores and his innovations in retailing. This purchase marked an important turning point in the history of this emblematic space.
The gallery was a meeting place for Parisian high society, home to luxurious boutiques, tea rooms and restaurants. The Galerie Vivienne attracted the intellectuals and artists of the day. Stores offered a variety of luxury goods, from clothing and fashion accessories to interior design items.
The gallery was listed as a historic monument in 1974 and continues to be appreciated for its remarkable architecture and picturesque atmosphere. Even today, the Galerie Vivienne retains its selectivity, both in its architecture and decoration, and in the positioning of its stores.

The Lucien Legrand cellar table

Maison Legrand is both a wine merchant and a restaurateur. Founded in 1880, it flourished after the Second World War, and even more so after the 1980s, when it began to source its wines directly from selected winegrowers.

The restaurant is housed in the wine cellar. The menu is short but renewed every week. Dishes are always designed to match the wines in the selection. Dishes feature fresh, seasonal French produce.
Chef Benjamin Anthoni creates dishes of great finesse, with flavors that are sometimes exotic, sometimes indefinable.

We've chosen two starters, and the host recommends an Aligoté wine from the Ferté Givry abbey, founded in 1130. What a story!
The wine has a beautiful golden color. The palate reveals aromas of white peach with a lovely saline character on the finish.

It's a fine match with this first starter: green beans in salad, ketchup and rhubarb pickles, raw cream with dill and fried shallots. Please note: this is not ketchup from a popular brand beginning with an H. Ketchup is a condiment. This is not tomato ketchup. But what kind of ketchup? Darn, I forgot and I don't have a word to describe the delicacy of this appetizer.

We continue with bouchot mussels and pan-fried cloves, butter, tarragon and ginger. The bouchot is like a wooden stake on which the mussels hang. Is it the season? Yes, late May and early June! The first porcini mushrooms also come out at this time.
The dish is magnificent in its flavors. The cloves are firm, the ginger light and the juice slightly acidic. I couldn't resist topping the dish with a very nice bread.

And then comes the apotheosis: a Panna cotta with almond milk and tonka, cherry salad with lemon thyme and buckwheat flake granola. It's a good choice, as cherries have suffered from a lack of water this year and are therefore not very sweet. So their presence doesn't overwhelm the smooth, sweet almond milk. The granola adds the crunch. A delicious treat.

In short, this address is a good choice for those looking for refined dining and expert wine pairing.

Le Comptoir et les Caves Legrand
Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
1 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris

La Galerie Vivienne

If you prefer Brasserie-style dining, you can choose "Le Bouginville". A café whose 70's decor has been maintained. The food is very good.

The stores, whether fashion, home or cultural products, are positioned at the top end of the market.

There's also an antiquarian bookshop offering French books, prints and posters, as well as a smaller selection of English-language books. Prices are affordable.

After your visit to the Galerie Vivienne, you can visit the jewel-like Bibliothèque nationale Richelieu, or stroll through the Palais royal (see our article).
Galerie Vivienne

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